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Verve is experienced in the field of consumer public relations - raising public awareness of the products, services and/or facilities offered to consumers by our clients.


The Brief
Snozone is housed within Xscape, and the reason for the building's unusual shape. Dry ski slopes throughout Britain have become well known over many years but the idea of a real indoor snow slope was a concept which consumers found difficult to grasp. The delays which surrounded the opening of Xscape together with the negative publicity that this generated had a detrimental effect on consumer confidence.

The Strategy
Verve grasped the crucial need to improve consumer awareness and attendance by a series of carefully orchestrated events at the UK's largest indoor real snow centre. These events attracted media attention and direct consumer attendance in addition to spreading the word about the facility throughout not only the target area for the client, but also nationally.

Highlighting just part of the campaign, Verve suggested Snozone's first birthday should become a focal point for the snow sports specialist media and the general public, via a specific high profile event. The idea of the "Snozone Big Air Competition" was born. The event was designed as a visual high jumping, fast moving spectacular with big names, an attractive purse, and involved personal invitations to all relevant specialist media journalists. Local, regional and national media were also invited and specific websites targeted prior to the event. To maintain the excitement and activity during the day the Sno bar and Sno Café were packed with exhibitors.

The Results
The event attracted top class snowboarders, skiers and skiboarders from across the UK. The attraction of seeing big sporting names such as Olympic skier Alain Baxter attracted not just the intended media but thousands of spectators keen to see the thrills and spills of tricks and high jumps on the snow. Media coverage was considerable, and the contacts developed enabled Verve to ensure continuing coverage with as many journalists as possible experiencing Snozone's unique facilities for themselves. This coverage has enabled consumers to understand just what Snozone has on offer.

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