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Verve has a wealth of experience in the field of corporate repositioning. Having studied your business, its strengths and weaknesses, we will prepare a critical path leading step-by-step to the desired re-positioning. For example:


The Brief
KPMG, arguably the world's leading firm of chartered accountants and business consultants, wanted to position its Media and Entertainment practice (now named ICE - Information, Communications, Entertainment) as 'the only choice' for this market.

The Strategy
Through strategically engineered introductions; organising public speaking opportunities; high profile attendance at international trade fairs and festivals from Los Angeles to Cannes; strategic sponsorship and well-placed interviews combined with editorial features, Verve successfully projected the message putting KPMG's Media and Entertainment Practice as the first choice for media and entertainment companies of all sizes.

The Results
Within two years of the onset of the PR campaign, the number of invoiceable hours for the media practice of KPMG increased by 42% compared to 20% throughout the rest of the firm. KPMG has subsequently retained and consolidated its position as market leader worldwide.

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